Get organised with a 90-day marketing planner

Create a plan and stay on track with this reusable, A1 90-day marketing planner

A goal without a plan is a wish

How many times have you started implementing a new marketing activity, but somehow it never got finished?


With all the demands of running a business, it can be difficult to stay focused on the things that'll make the biggest difference.


This is why I created this planner.


I use it myself in my business (it's on the wall above my computer right now as I type this!) and it keeps me focused on the goals I've set myself and what I need to do every week to achieve those goals.


When I use the planner, my business grows noticeably quicker than when I don't.

How to use the 90-day planner

The planner has been designed to simplify your marketing tasks and keep you focused on what's most important.


To make this easier, I've designed the planner in two sections.


90-day marketing action plan 


The section at the top is for your marketing projects: those one-off things that will improve your marketing and once you've done them, they're done.


This is where you'd plan out a rebrand, a new website (or significant refresh or restructure), the creation of a key piece of content, or building a new automation or process.


Rolling 90-day activity plan


The bottom section is your rolling 90-day activity plan. This section is to make sure you stay consistent in executing your regular marketing activities. So you might have things like blogging, creating case studies, PR, networking, sending out newsletters, planning and creating social media content... that kind of thing.

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